The payment has been deducted from my account more than once. What can I do?

You don’t need to do anything. Duplicate payments will be automatically refunded. This may take about 3-20 working days, depending on the payment method you used.

I’ve already paid for my order, why does the order status still say: Awaiting Payment?

Because we are processing a lot of payments at the same time, it might take a while before the order status is updated. Please wait and check the order status later.

Why is my payment being verified again while the payment has already been confirmed?

We normally do another round of internal verification to ensure payment safety. This normally takes no longer than 24 hours.

Why is the payment method I want to use not available?

During big sales such as 1111 Shopping Festival, we’re processing a large number of payments at the same time. Some online payment providers may experience overload and temporarily take their service offline. We suggest that you use another payment method to place your order or wait and try again later.